Sharing Family Leave

Perhevapaan jakaminen

The parliamentary group of the Left Alliance would improve the reconciliation of work and family life by dividing parental leave according to the 6 + 6 + 6 model.

many ways to take parental leave We suggest that the current system of maternity, paternity and parental leave be amended and extended to 18 months of parental leave. The leave would be divided into three six-month periods, one for the mother, one for the parents and one for the father.

The freedom of same-sex parents would be shared in the same way. A single parent can take 18 months off. The leave can be used until the child reaches the age of three.

The current parental leave model does not meet its objectives of promoting children’s well-being and gender equality. Women make the most of both parental and care leave. This affects women’s employment, career development, wages and pensions. The reform of parental leave is an important structural reform that will improve employment, especially for women.

women-use-90-professionals-parental leave Fathers currently use less than ten percent of parental leave. Fathers mainly exercise the freedoms given to fathers. The reasons can be found in the attitude towards the division of labor between the sexes and in the practices and attitudes of working life. Booking part of the parental leave for fathers supports a fuller family life for fathers and offers children the opportunity to be with their father.

The Left Alliance has ordered calculations of the model’s costs in the parliamentary information service. If, for example, half of the fathers were given time off, the cost of the model would be 150 million a year. In its alternative budget, the Left Alliance proposes that the state set aside sufficient funds for reform.

During the autumn, the Parliamentary Group of the Left Alliance will prepare a bill to change the parental leave system to conform to the 6 + 6 + 6 model. The people are also seeking support: The Parliamentary Group of the Left Alliance is opening a petition that can be signed to support the proposal.

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